Who Can Deny These Butterflies?

I am 25; I am comfortable in who I am, and five days out of seven, I am happy. A Summer Full Of Peaches

Things about me: Being in my 20's is becoming progressively more scary as the years pass, but 2012 is going well so far. Live in Edinburgh, originally from South East England. St Andrews graduate: MA (Hons 2:1) Philosophy. Working in Internet Marketing: Social Media and Website Optimisation. Pigeon holes are stupid; I use the Kinsey scale. I own a Diana F+ camera but would hate to genuinely be described as a hipster. I use the word 'genuinely' on a far-too-regular basis. I like beer, red wine, coffee. i have quit smoking. I quit smoking on a semi regular basis. My favourite possession is a toss-up between my Moleskin notebook and my Kindle.
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The nutritionist said I should eat root vegetables.
Said if I could get down thirteen turnips a day
I would be grounded, rooted.
Said my head would not keep flying away
to where the darkness lives.

The psychic told me my heart carries too much weight.
Said for twenty dollars she’d tell me what…